Medical doctors are the firemen,chiropractors are the carpenters.

When your house is on fire-(ulcers,heart attack,cancer, etc.) you call the fire department and they come with their axes, hoses, and ladders-(tests, drugs, and surgery) to put out the fire and save your house( your life). After the fire is out, your house needs to be repaired and rebuilt. If you call the firemen again and they return with their axes, hoses, and ladders- they cannot rebuild your house without the correct tools.This is where chiropractors come in. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to not have endured a major “fire” in your “house”. This again is where chiropractors would come in. We use our tools- stress reduction, nutrition, and exercise, to rebuild your house and keep it strong. We look at your personal stress- physical, chemical, and emotional, and recommend individual lifestyle changes to reduce environmental stressors to rebuild your house from the ground up and try to make it stronger than it was to prevent another fire.

Our Creating Wellness Center offers one of the most in-depth wellness assessments in the world, using cutting edge technology to measure over 50 factors of how “well” you really are. Body fat, lung capacity, muscle strength, stress response, heart rate variability, physical, biochemical, and psychological stresses are measured and many more. Using the results of this computerized assessment, we can create a customized wellness program just for you.

Health is 5% genetic influence and 95% environmental influence determined by lifestyle choices. Keep your body in a healthy environment. Let us help you make the right choices.